G. Richard Curry
Consulting in Radar System Applications

A comprehensive handbook for radar design and performance analysis, containing radar princlples, equations, and data in a compact format.  Contains principles of radar design and operation, subsystem characteristics, performance evaluation, radar techniques, and environment.  Available in print and electronic formats from Scitech Publishing, Inc.


A concise collection of key facts, equations, and important radar data.  Available in pocket-sized print  and electronic formats from Scitech Publishing, Inc.


Comprehensive coverage of radar system performance analysis and system-level modeling.  Addresses radar operation and applications, including radar configurations, radar parameters, radar waveform characteristics. Provides models for radar detection, search modes, measurement and tracking, environmental effects, countermeasures and counter-countermeasures, and airborne and space-based radar. Includes examples, problem sets with solutions, and a  self-test.  Available from Artech House, Inc.


Consulting in radar systems applications is offered to industry and government customers.  Areas of speciaization include:

    Radar System Applications

            Ballistic Missile Defense

            Air Defense

            Air Traffic Control

            Target Data Collection

    Radar Basing

            Ground and Sea-Based



    Radar Technology

            Phased Arrays

            Reflector Antennas

            Solid-State Transmit/Receive Modules

            High-Power Transmitters

            Radar Signal and Data Processing

            Radar Netting and Data Fusion

    Radar Program Development

            Conceptual Design

            System Trades

            Simulation and Modeling

            Radar Design

            Radar Testing

            Radar Performance Analysis

            System Effectiveness


Clients have included:

    Science Appplications International Corp.   

    Sparta, Incorporated

    Frontier Technology, Incorporated

    Illgen Simulation Technologies, Inc.

    Hypres, Incorporated

    Innivative Survivability Technologies

    McKinsey & Company, Incorporated

    Charles River Analytics

    Silicon Valley Expert Witness Group



Mr. Curry has extensive professional experience in radar design and analysis, military research and development planning, and evaluation of systems employing radars.


He is the author of books: 

    "Radar System Performance Modeling"

    "Pocket Radar Guide"

    "Radar Esenentials:


His courses in "Radar System Performance Modeling", based on his book, have been given to numerous educational and industrial groups..

Course Offerings


Orgazational Effectiveness Institute (OEI): "Introduction to Radar Systems", Course # ROO-403; "Modern Radar Systems--Design and Performance Analysis", Course # ROO-413; "Modern Radar Technology", Course # ROO 423.



Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Learning Library, Expert Now Course: "Radar System Performance Modeling".



IEEE Aerospace and Esectronic Systems Society (AESS), Educatioinal Video Tutorial Sysetm: "Radar System Performance Modeling".



IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS), Distinguished Lectures and Tutorials Program: "Radar Systems Performance Modeling".



Radar courses can be customized for presentation to industrial, educational and government groups.  Contact dickcurry@cox.net.



G. Richard Curry is a consultant in radar system applications with extensive experience in radar system analysis and simulation, radar design and testing, military R&D planning and technology assessment, and research management.  He led analysis of radar system applications in military systems at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), and at General Research Corporation (GRC).  Prior to that, he analyzed and designed surveillance and tracking radars for the Raytheon Company, performed radar engineering for ballistic missile range testing at Kwajalein, and developed radar signal processing techniques at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  He served in the U. S. Navy as an Electronics Officer.  Mr. Curry received B. S. degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics from the University of Michigan, and an M. S. degree in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He is a member of the Radar System Panel of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and author of the books: “Radar System Performance Modeling”, “Pocket Radar Guide”, and “Radar Essentials".

Radar Systems Performance Modeling Course Summary


This course addresses needs of radar system analysts, engineers, and simulation programmers for simple, yet descriptive techniques for evaluating radar system performance.  The course provides and explains equations, computational methods and data for modeling radar performance at the system level, and provides insight on how to use the models in radar system analysis. The course is based on the instructor’s book: “Radar System Performance Modeling, Second Edition’, and addresses radar analysis parameters; radar waveforms; the radar equation and the detection process; radar search, measurement and tracking modes; and the impact of the environment and countermeasures on radar performance.  No advanced mathematics or specialized radar engineering knowledge is required . 


The course outline is as follows:

1.  Introduction to Radar Modeling

2.  Radar Components and Key Parameters

3.  Radar Waveforms

4.  The Radar Equation

5.  Radar Detection

6.  Radar Search

7.  Radar Measurement and Tracking

8.  Radar Environment and Mitigation Techniques

9.  Radar Countermeasures and Counter-Countermeasures

10.Airborne and Space-based Radar Issues